Saturday, March 31, 2012

C4T #3

Arvind Grover has videos on his page that are educational to our world's issues that we go through today. I commented on his video of Jay Smooth, "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discussing Race." Jay smooth had excellent points on how racism affects the way people communicate. He used a metaphor about tonsils and prejudice and either you have them or you don't. There are so many mixed signals when conversations get heated about racism or someone being accused of being racist. Also, he said prejudice builds up a little bit a day just like plaque on your teeth. I am probably already seen as a racist just because I am Caucasian and these stereotypes is what affects our world. Judgment needs to be taken out of our minds in order for anything to change.

Arvind Grover choose to post a video that was very deep and covered a lot of issues that occur in our world today. One main issue was the rights of protecting your property. If someone comes into your home and you feel threatened then you technically have the right to do what it takes to protect yourself in your home. But the bigger issue in this video is committing insurance fraud. It turns out that the wolf had asthma and could not blow down the houses, so it leaves the authorities to believe that the pigs couldn't afford their mortgage so the pigs were forced to take desperate measures. In the end this video brought to peoples attention the many problems that are occuring in our world. Who is to blame? Can we blame the banks for loaning to much money when they know we can't afford it. Or is it our own fault? Are we just like the pigs?

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