Saturday, May 5, 2012

Final Group Project #16

The Ed Tech Olympics consisted of three games. The first game was Jeopardy using the SMARTboard. The second game was math attack using smartphones and the third game was US History. All our events where tools we learned throughout the semester. It was a fun project that was supposed to be competitive and original that no one else would have thought to do. I hope you enjoy our video we worked hard to make it interesting.

Blog Post #14 Final Reflection Video

Project #13 Collaboration Report

My group found out the hard way that collaborating through technology is not as easy it it may seem. I began emailing my group to organize a time for everyone to meet but some did not respond within a decent amount of time, so I then began texting everyone. As a group we decided to try Google hangout to video chat with each other. I have never used Google for anything other than emails so this was new for me, as with two others in my group. It was confusing at the beginning but a group member finally brought it to our attention that one person can talk at a time and whoever is speaking their screen will become the main big one. I enjoyed learning how to use something other than Skype and it was a good overall experience. I wish our group would have used a Google doc to collaborate because I was interested in seeing if it would work better than video chats.
Technology is an amazing tool to get connected with others but I wish i had an easier experience so I would be enthusiastic about trying it again. As time goes by and I learn more I will definitely try different methods and hopefully be successful with collaborating through technology. EDM310 has taught me that technology is not going anywhere so I might as well get hooked now and continue to learn.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13

One might think going one whole day, 24 hours, without technology or anything electronic would be an easy task. Once you are actually faced with the challenge one should really reconsider what they about to encounter. Television is an easy device to avoid because people are often not home or can sit in a different room or have their family hide the remote. Computers are probably the hardest device to stay away from. One might think your cell phone would be number one, which technically it could considering you can use the internet on your phone. Cell phones are convenient in every way possible. They are on the go, so people can call you, well most of all text you because why use your mouth when you have your fingers. Unlimited text is the majority of peoples cell phone plans because it has become easier then actually having a conversation on the phone. Texts are the best invention made for cell phones, well right along with wireless internet access.

The lesson to be learned from this exercise was quite hard to find. I think that the main thing that comes to my mind is that it is close to impossible to not use any electronics or communications device in a 24 hour period. Maybe if I was stranded for a whole day on a remote island it would be an easy task. I am sorry to say that I have failed this assignment by not being able to go without technology. The main reason is because I am a college student taking two online classes that are high demand for always doing something that involves a computer. It is impossible for me to not check my email in one whole day.
This assignment was not only challenging but fun to experience and educational in a small way. Today's generations would probably "die" if you told them to go a day without their cell phone or the computer. They will then probably through themselves in front of the television to entertain them. I think it would be close to impossible for kids today to accomplish this task simply because they are all surrounded by technology every where they go. I would like to challenge my students to attempt the assignment because it can teach everyone a different lesson.

Final PLN

Making a Symbaloo was not only fun but also helpful. I can now just go on my account and click any teacher's blog or website that I need, in just one click. It did take awhile to find who I wanted to put in my tiles and I still have room for a couple more. I like Symbaloo because it is simple to use and I can edit the tiles and move them around or change who I want or how they look. My Symbaloo is full of websites that I use daily and it is very helpful to have them all organized and in one easy spot for me to find.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

C4T #4

Mr. Spencer had a blog post of a picture that was Papermate versus Ticonderoga. I wasn't sure what the message was trying to say. I know that Ticonderoga pencils are more expensive but their quality is excellent. Papermate on the other hand is a more reasonable choice with the price but its quality drops with the price but can still be cheaper. Adventures in Pencil Integration is the page of this picture and if all the other post I read about pencils have a metaphor about technology, then the picture might also change your mind. I am a little convinced the picture is referring to personal computers versus Macintosh. A PC has a reasonable price and the quality is a result of what you paid for. While the prices of Macs are relatively higher, they offer more and last longer. Check out the picture here and feel free to share your opinion with me because I would love to know what you think of it.

Adventures in Pencil Integration is truly an adventure. I have been following Mr. Spencer's posts for quite some time now and I'm continuing to find humor in many of his stories. This week I got to go back and read a post from a lecture he got from his supervisor. The post is titled, Why were your kids playing games?, which basically was a post of exactly what happened in his meeting with his supervisor. John Spencer is a teacher that believes in involving his students in assignments to help them learn.
John's supervisor only feels as if the teacher needs to lecture their students and only force material into their heads so they can get good test scores. John Spencer is a good educator and I plan to follow in his methods of teaching, I just hope my supervisor can understand and support me.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Final Project Report

My groups final project hasn't been a main priority yet. My group is still working on finishing project 15, which all we need to do is is film it. The only progress I have made is looking over the instructions and starting to watch a few of the videos. Project 16 is definitely a major project and as soon as we finish the work for the prior assignments our group will need to immediately jump into the project and begin working hard.

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A

Question one states, Do schools in the United States systematically destroy the development of curiosity and/or creativity in students? I think in some ways we are systematically destroying the development of creativity. A couple ways creativity is being destroyed is with uniforms. Uniforms don't allow kids that actually dress themselves show there styles and uniqueness of their minds. Also, I think rules and regulations squander the idea's of children. If we gave our students broader assignments to really explore their thoughts they can be more creative.

The second question then goes to say, Can a curriculum be developed that increases the curiosity of students? If so, what would be the key components of such a curriculum? The key component would be student input, so the curriculum could be a student made lesson that allows them to be curious in what they can make of it.

Question three says, Can a curriculum be developed that increases the creativity of students? If so, what would be the key components of such a curriculum? This question was a little tougher because it can go either way. Creativity can not be taught. Creativity is something that is already developed in a child but a curriculum can be taught to stimulate a creative side but it isn't something that can be forced.

Number four says, Can a teacher's actions increase the curiosity of students? If so, what would be those actions? This is another tough question because you can't make your students be curious but a teacher may be able to stimulate curiosity in their students by giving them questions to think on their own that aren't necessarily a right or wrong answer. Question five is the same question but it asks about the increase of creativity caused by a teacher. I think this could definitely be the case in a few situations by decorating your room. Posters and maybe a wall that the kids created or even decorating their desks can stimulate them to be creative in their own ways.

Question six goes on to ask, What would help you become more creative? I have always tried to be creative but their can be different types of creative. The internet or other people just talking helps me come up with idea's and I try to run with them and make up my own ways, which seems like I am being creative. Also, What role would teachers and/or schools have in that process? Teacher can give their students projects or assignments that force their students to become a little creative. I think group activities can allow your students to become creative by putting everyone's thoughts into one assignment.

The last question then states the same thing but about being curious. I am always curious when it comes to what type of things are out there and what I could be missing out on. Schools can make assignments more interesting by including maybe a video game or a website. It doesn't even have to be about technology but something that kids use on a day to day bases but make it an educational assignment that they can learn from but also enjoy. Students are always curious to see how they can use the computer or take a video game to the next level, so even creating a website is allowing your student to be curious and creative.

Blog Post #12

Videos games are taking over our kids lives. Is this a good thing? Michael Rich is a director of the center of media and child health, watch his video about how video games affect behavior.
Write a paragraph about your thoughts of this video.

What age do you think kids should start using the internet? Watch another video from Michael Rich and his look on this question. At what age should a child use the internet? Write a brief paragraph on what age you think is appropriate and why.

Kids even at a young age are getting more involved with video games and the internet. We as future educators need to involve these technologies in our teaching lessons. If we include technology even into our elementary classrooms our students can learn to use these media's in a educational way.

Also, think about the teaching techniques your teachers used while you were in school. Did they go along with the trends of your decade. Write 2 paragraphs on an experience and what you could do differently using technology.

In some ways video games are a positive thing for young children because it teaches them strategies and a way to behave. I think kids who play video games can be more independent and more advanced. Yes, I do think the violent video games can lead to bad and aggressive behavior but the majority of kids playing games helps them advance in cognitive abilities. Often kids who play video games are better at problem solving than those who do not play. Although, I think the more active video games such as Wii fit is a great way for kids to be involved and be up and moving but it also is important that outside activities are still being done.

I think 5 is a good age to begin using the internet. They are old enough to be able to search the web, but of course there needs to be a child proof blocker to keep them from accidentally drifting to bad sites. Kids at the age of 5 want to feel a little independent and they can be capable of using a computer all by themselves and actually learn skills. My 8 month old niece is aware of bright lights such as the television, computer and cellphones. She is always curious just to look at them, so I think at even young age it seems as if they are aware of technology in some ways. Kids always wonder and want to explore so teaching them to use the internet will only help them advance in our world of technology.

While I was in school we barely used computers which made me a little behind in the world of technology. I graduated high school in 2009 so we definitely should have been using more technology in the classrooms but my school was poorly funded so we didn't have much. Although, my school never had SMARTboards, the teachers did use powerpoints and tried to use technology in their lessons. I think half of my teachers were updated with the trends of my decade or at least tried to be.
If I could go back and change my high school experience there would definitely be more computers and lessons taught with technology. Once I got to college I felt behind and out dated because I was learning everything that most kids my age were familiar with and already knew pretty well. I would like to change my English and History class because there are better ways to read poetry or learn past events to keep you interested. English was the one class I dreaded because I hated going and reading books that I couldn't understand and comprehend. History was never fun because I didn't care about past events that occurred before my time. There are multiple apps and ways to interact with the lessons that could help students comprehend and be more involved. Interaction through technology with the lessons would be a better way to learn and keep students interested in subjects such as English and History.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Final C4K for April

Week 1
Pamela is a 7th grader living on Vancouver Island, who just started blogging and is really excited about the challenges. Her last post was on March 13th and it was about creating an avatar that represents yourself. Her avatar was athletic but artistic. She had purple hair because Pamela looked up which colors represent your mood. She did a post about the colors of life and figured out that purple describes confident and relaxed, which are two good qualities to have. I encouraged Pamela to continue to keep up with the blogging challenges because there is a lot to keep learning.

Week 2
A yield sign with the word hell. Are we supposed to find humor in that? I'm not sure I understand so I commented on 18scha blog post about my feeling towards the sign. I don't feel as if our world is in hell which might be why it could be humorous. We as a nation are going through some difficult times with the economy. I do think the people who are making these decisions and causing us to fall should be going through hell. But I'm not into politics and can't possibly understand why our government is spending money we don't have. Why do we have to suffer? Or are we truly suffering or just struggling and being selfish with worldly possessions.

Week 3
This week I posted another comment on 18scha's blog page from the previous week. He is very smart and wrote a great piece about nuclear reactions vs. nuclear weapons. I thought the post was very informational with great points and descriptions. I am not very big on science so it was great to learn something new. I thought all nuclear items were hazardous but he mentioned in his blog that only if it isn't contained properly then it can be dangerous. There were many great facts and an example of a nuclear reaction that occurred in Fukushima Daiichi. I encouraged him to continue writing because his post was educational and I enjoyed reading it.

Week 4
Shaine from Ms. Cassidy's class in Canada wrote about his trip to the Art Museum. He seemed as if he had a great time. Also, they got to make tipis. His post was very hard to read because his words weren't exactly spelled correctly. It would be very helpful if Ms. Cassidy could write on the side his interpretation, so his readers can understand a little better.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy made a smart decision by making a form for the parents of her students to aware them of what they will be working on throughout the year using technology.
1st grade students are at a young age and it is important to include the parents to monitor at home or get involved with what the kids are learning and participating with in the classroom. Elementary students need to be informed of the risks and privacy aspects of the internet. Also, an effective way to use this method would be including the parents and using it at home. Ms. Cassidy takes a great approach into the technological world by experimenting with her students and trying to learn how to communicate and write on computers through their blogs. I would definitely use the technique of making a form and including the parents as much as possible to encourage the blogging and computer use as a way of learning and educating the kids.

The students had great questions that each of us may think time to time. Ms. Cassidy spends her time wisely doing positive research on the computers to improve her technology skills. One of the most important things that I am continuing to hear over and over is that teaching does not stop in the classroom. Your job as an educator does not stop when the dismiss bell rings. Teachers are constantly trying to improve their lessons or finding new methods and techniques to improve their classroom. My favorite thing about her Skype interview was when she said, "Technology isn't going away it's here to stay." As a future educator I can not be intimidated by technology. I need to embrace the wonderful aspect of the computers and find ways to benefit my classroom by using them.

Project Report

So far on my group project #15 we have gathered together through Google hangout. We selected a learning objective from the Mobile Pacing Guide. Also we assigned a section for each person to do some research and put together a short lesson using the SMARTboard. I plan on finishing up my research and putting that lesson together this week. Our group is most likely going to meet one more time through Google hangout before our final project of filming. The purpose of one more gathering will be to make sure we are all on the right track and accomplishing our goals.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blog Post #10

Do You Teach or Do You Educate
One of the main reasons why I decided to become a teacher is because I feel as if I can educate my students in a unique way. I am caring and observant so as an educator I will make sure all my students are learning and enjoying what they are learning. I intend to educate rather than teach by using methods that will benefit the kids in the long run. I want my students to want to listen and constantly want to learn more. I think a great way to get your students attention would be to listen to them and be a mentor that they can always come to.

In school I was taught many things but I can not remember anything that was taught. The reason for that was because I was only lectured to or talked to. The only time I ever learned anything was when I had to make a project or explain in a speech how something is done. Students can try to memorize all they want but if they don't put any of that information to use it will just get lost or thrown away. So, as an educator I plan on allowing my students to learn by teaching me what they have put to use. I want to inspire my students to think for themselves and strive to succeed.

Tom Johnson's Don't Let Then Take the Pencils Home!
Pencils! I couldn't help but continue to wonder how pencils could be such a big issue. The post seemed a bit humorous because as I read more pencil post they all were in the same context. To me the academic specialist needs to get her head on straight and understand that test scores are not the most important thing in schools. Even if our students got amazing test scores did they learn anything that they can put to use. Can we improve our kids test scores by not just teaching material but actually educating them with games that can stimulate their minds.
Pencils may be taken as a toy or a useless writing utensil but the objective of the post was that pencils can be used for more then just writing. In Tom's eyes the kids were from a low income family where they wouldn't find pencils at home or their parents using a pencil. The kids think of pencils as a toy because it has not been used as a tool in their environment.

Adventures in Pencil Intregration was an interesting post that made me think about what they were actually wanting to say without maybe saying it. Rather than focusing on just the thought of a pencil I think the post was talking about a broader topic. Pencils as we are referring to can not be the only tool used to teach our students. Making good test scores shouldn't be our main priority. Educating students so they can retain that knowledge and use it in life to better themselves should be our goal. It would be challenging to work at a school with an administrative leader that isn't concerned with the overall impression of the students. So, what do you think? Is the problem really about pencils?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog Post #9

Mr. McClung did a wonderful thing by summarizing everything he has gone through and learned in a year. It is important to look back at everything you have done and learn from it and make adjustments if necessary. I loved the paragraph, "Don't be afraid of technology."
I find it quite often that grown adults are literally afraid of computers and stay away from them. If only they could understand and learn that technology is truly our friend. Computers are changing this world and we need to start teaching our kids the importance and the wonders of technology.

Student comprehension was also a good topic to discuss because I found this to be a constant problem in my education growing up. I couldn't tell you how many times a teacher might have thought their lesson was flawless and there was no way they would change it. But each class is different and it may take longer or different methods in order for us to comprehend. I think this may be the most difficult concept in my first year of teaching but Mr. McClung is right it is more important center your lessons around your students instead of trying to impress your superiors.

Passion is definitely a good choice in a word. We, as teachers need to be passionate about our work because after all if the students think we don't enjoy what we are saying then why should they. Mr. McClung on his second year of teaching had many problems but found ways to revise them. Another key point that I will take to heart is to find the school mom. It is a great idea to find someone that you can turn to when you have a problem or a question. What better person to ask then someone who has experience and has been there before.

It would be hard to not plan where your class is heading. But the students opinions are important in learning and moving forward. It would be a little challenging for me to have an open discussion in elementary but it could be a good start for them to develop an opinion and not just say what they think the teacher wants to hear. Most of all I learned from Mr. McClung that confidence is key and to never give up. Continue to add onto your strengths and don't be afraid of your flaws.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

C4T #3

Arvind Grover has videos on his page that are educational to our world's issues that we go through today. I commented on his video of Jay Smooth, "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discussing Race." Jay smooth had excellent points on how racism affects the way people communicate. He used a metaphor about tonsils and prejudice and either you have them or you don't. There are so many mixed signals when conversations get heated about racism or someone being accused of being racist. Also, he said prejudice builds up a little bit a day just like plaque on your teeth. I am probably already seen as a racist just because I am Caucasian and these stereotypes is what affects our world. Judgment needs to be taken out of our minds in order for anything to change.

Arvind Grover choose to post a video that was very deep and covered a lot of issues that occur in our world today. One main issue was the rights of protecting your property. If someone comes into your home and you feel threatened then you technically have the right to do what it takes to protect yourself in your home. But the bigger issue in this video is committing insurance fraud. It turns out that the wolf had asthma and could not blow down the houses, so it leaves the authorities to believe that the pigs couldn't afford their mortgage so the pigs were forced to take desperate measures. In the end this video brought to peoples attention the many problems that are occuring in our world. Who is to blame? Can we blame the banks for loaning to much money when they know we can't afford it. Or is it our own fault? Are we just like the pigs?

C4K Summary for March

World Book Day: Sharing Our Favourite Books was the blog I luckily had the opportunity to comment on. Three students left a brief podcast on information of their favorite book and why they like it. I thought a podcast was an excellent idea for these young students to hear themselves talk and understand the process of speech. Betty, Paige and Dylan did wonderful jobs and they had many tweets of other students with their favorite books. Not only did these kids accomplish an assignment that is educational but they also had followers to add to it all. Class 12 is doing an excellent job with educating there young British students in the world of technology.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blog Post # 8

1. Richard Miller gave me a major eye opening video to watch. This Is How We Dream was just a brief video that covered many inspiring information that our world is investigating. Richard said, he wants to push ideas into our culture that will help our world advance. In part 2, he showed a building in which he works at but used technology to view a new and improved vision of what can be possible. The fact that these video's were made in 2008 blows my mind. Many people are getting ahead with technology and the the world isn't going to wait for you.
New Advanced Computers

I do not feel prepared at all to write with multimedia. I have multiple things to learn and investigate. Collaboration is a word that I continue to hear and see as a way of communicating with others mainly through intellectual ways. Technology allows material to last forever and to never be destroyed. Computers allow us to still use our imagination. Idea's and dreams are the most important aspects that should be taken to the next level through technology.

It is hard to say if my students will be able to use technology but I would like to think it is a major possibility. Richard Miller said, "Idea's don't belong to us individually but as a culture and as educators we need to share our idea's freely." I appreciated all the thoughts that Dr. Miller put in my head about why the world wouldn't want to use the web to improve our culture. It only makes sense that we use technology to educate not only ourselves but others. Schools is where we should begin, so our new generations won't fall behind.

2. Carly Pugh is indeed a very smart and creative girl. It is extremely difficult to create an assignment that Dr. Strange could possibly add to his class assignments. I think all the assignments so far have been well thought out and useful for me. Dr. Millers view on multimedia is similar to Carly's thought on her youtube project. As a future educator it is important to contribute ideas that will further the understanding of the internet. Videos and podcasts alone can be the new system of learning and developing our brains. I especially enjoyed the video's that Carly made a link to from a British boy under the name nunsrule. He is not only creative but has a sense of humor and great acting ability that he created through youtube videos.

3. I don't think I would be interested in preparing any videos for this class just because I don't like acting. I might consider doing an interview on what I've learned or an instructional video on what I thought was difficult. The most challenging thing in this class is to not get distracted and off track of your assignment. Although, I do think it is important to explore new things to find ideas and have a vision of what else is going on in the technological world. But since I usually procrastinate it leaves me with little time to search all the different links and blogs that I could find interesting.

4. I agree 100% with all the arguments in the video, Learn to Change, Change to Learn. Every thing these educators said made logical points. Today the children in our world are definitely living in a different accelerated world. So, these kids need to be taught differently in ways they can communicate and use social networks to improve their resources. Technology is an amazing opportunity and experience that teachers should want to give to their students. As an educator I hope to develop my classroom into a multimedia learning center that focuses on the importance of understand technology.

5. Discovery Education's Web 20.12 website is a must need to search and explore because it is full of tons of tools that can be useful. Ning is a great tool that resembles Facebook is many ways. It is a website that allows you to create your own social network with over 80 different designs for you to choose from. Unfortunately, Ning cost 25 dollars a month to maintain and use but it can be a better way for a teacher or student to control a private social network. The basic version still allows you to upload your own photos and videos. also, blogs and forums are available and can be great additions to your personal page.
I would consider using this site in my classroom with my students because it has a privacy control that I find important especially for younger students. The internet can be a dangerous place if you are not careful and take the right precautions. Also, the fact that each individual can create their own design will allow me as a teacher to see each students creativity and imagination. Lastly, I like the group and chat feature that can become a project for the students to communicate while at home and learn how to accomplish things together through technology.

Animoto is a fun way to make a video filled with pictures or even videos inside the video. Animoto has many special features that you can choose for whichever one fits your occasion. A quick and easy video can be created by the website. Simply just upload one to five pictures and they can make the video for you in minutes. Also, I find it a little refreshing to just upload what you want and what music and then the website will create it for you and email it to you. Although this website isn't free it is just five dollars a month, so if making video's is your hobby this could be your match maker. Later I found a free version of Animoto called Smilebox. It can be good for scrapbooking, invitations, or occasions, I would recommend downloading it.

Summer on PhotoPeach

Friday, March 9, 2012

C4T #2

The flipclass on NPR
Brian Bennet is a high school teacher who has a different outlook on education to help teach the 21st century students. His students are learning graphic design and many more computer aspects to help them further their education. This new way of teaching is known as a flipped classroom. It simply just means that these teachers are trying to let technology be a new way of learning. The post I commented on Mr. Bennet's blog of when he went on a radio show with The Trend to talk about his aspect of teaching. He has been teaching for 25 years, but yet still has a new view on technology instead of strictly just text books. He teachers freshman the aspects of technology in a way to use computers to engage in projects.

Flipclass chat starts with a bang
The flipped classroom has become a major hit through Brian's network of sites. He had almost a thousand tweets with comments and remarks on the flipclass chat. As soon as I began following Brian on twitter, I immediately found many more teachers with creative tweets about the classroom that are useful. I left a brief acknowledgement on his page that I am following him and enjoying all the feedback that his chat was receiving. The flipclass chat is becoming a weekly event on Monday's, so anyone is free to join. I will continue to follow Brian because he is a smart educator, who understands the concept of technology in the classroom.
active learning with computers

Blog Post #7

Wendy Drexler made a fun interesting video that was both enjoyable and educational. Many great points were introduced about a connectivism course where there is no textbook or lecture. More and more courses are becoming this way which can be a great thing for students who can research and do things on their own. The main question at the end was why is a teacher needed for a network course. A few examples were mentioned in the video about the teacher still being a guide and mentor. Students still need to be directed in the right direction with guidelines and criticism that are from the teacher who prepared the course.

The wonderful opportunity of technology in the classroom is definitely expanding in the 21st century and it still needs to advance drastically. Wendy is going to experiment this learning technique with middle school students, which I think is a fantastic idea. Some may wonder what even gives me that thought, but to me this video showed me one students creativity. I don't know what the assignment was but I'm assuming it didn't have many rules and it was left up for the students imagination.
Teacher guiding students on computers

Imagination and creativity have been neglected in the classroom more and more. Technology gives the opportunity for these important aspects of learning back into the classroom. It was mentioned that the network student had to learn how to do their own research and establish his own personal learning network. A little guidance into which direction to head can lead to many great things that a teacher can not teach. Browsing and finding information that will help you and further your knowledge is all up to the student.

Before I become an educator I have many more things to learn about the technological world of learning and teaching. Mrs. Drexler has taken that step into the world of experimenting with technology on her students and that is all it takes. Experimentation is one of the ways to see what works in the classroom and for your students to get the most out of it. Learning and blogging about what you want to try might be an easier step before actually taking it to the classroom. It all starts with doing your homework first, so you can be prepared for the test.

A 7th graders Personal Learning Environment video was a great guide into how easy it can be to organize and develop a PLE. I can barely compare both of our Personal Information Networks because hers seems further developed. Although, she has classes and information to simply upload an assignment on her page and I am searching to find some useful teacher blogs and websites to help me further develop as a future educator. It takes time to develop and research, soon my PLN will be created and useful.
PLN tools

Project #10 Developing a PLN

A Personal Learning Network is very important to further the knowledge and understanding of teaching. I need to develop a better network of my personal information and Symbaloo is a great start to manage it all. I was impressed by the 7th graders Personal Blog, she did an excellent job establishing it and making a powerpoint. If she can figure it out and make a great symbaloo, then I can most definitely accomplish it.

Browsing through the Development of a PLN in EDM310 link, I found multiple links that allowed me to go through an endless search. Richard Bryne was one of the first links I followed which had a powerpoint of many great ideas and information that I found very helpful. Research, it seems like such a simple word but I could search for days finding thousands of informative information that will further excel my Personal Learning Network. I hope to find some teachers that will help me with questions and direct me in the correct things I should add to my PLN. Everyday this class takes me to new levels that exceed my expectations, I am glad I am getting this opportunity.
collage of a PLN

Monday, March 5, 2012

Blog Post #6

Chld looking at a brick wall
Randy Pausch is a brilliant man who uses his brain in many great ways. His lecture was long but very enjoyable. He had a few idea's that really caught my attention. Brick walls show our dedication. This is not only short and sweet but very true. A lot of people stop when things get tough and you think you can't get around your problem. This would be my main goal in a classroom is to help my students realize that there are other ways around the obstacle rather than giving up.

"Find someone better than you" or even better teach so those who learn can exceed your expectations. Randy had multiple points on how important it is for your students to love what they are doing. If the students are learning and figuring material on their own then your methods of teaching are successful. This concept would be the reason on why I will be a different teacher. I want to fill my kids up with assignments they can figure out on their own. It's important to allow your students to solve the problem on their own or they will easily forget the solution if it is handed to them.

Don't shoot down your child's creativity. Let them live a life with independent thoughts. Some things aren't worth the fight, argument or disciplining. Fun is the most important priority in life. Believing in your students is the key to their success. He couldn't have said any of these things any better. A teacher's goal should be to further your students mind into something they never knew they could achieve. Don't give up on what you believe in. Most of all don't lose faith in a child.

Money isn't the solution. Get out, live life and have fun. Live up to your full potential and that is what I would like to get across to my students as a teacher. To dream and have goals for your life and its not about reaching every single goal exactly as you may have planned but learning and experiencing along the way. It was obvious to not complain, work hard and be prepared. All of these are the right things and as Randy said all the right things tend to lead to good things happening.
Girl making an art project

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

C4K Summary for February

Hunter, who is a 5th grader in Mrs. Hubener class in Iowa, wrote about his favorite basketball player. He admires Kobe Bryant because he wants to be a point guard just like him. Hunter seems like a great fan, who is very enthusiastic about the Big 5, which is the best starting line up for the LA Lakers. I commented back my favorite player which is Dwayne Wade because at the end of his post he left a question about who is your is favorite player in the NBA.

Taylor's Terrific Blog page was not updated since last year in May. She had a post about her Easter vacation and all the goodies she received. It sounded like she had a great time and I just commented a little feedback and told her to continue blogging since she hasn't done so in a while. Her classroom was with Mr. Avery, who seems to be a great hands on teacher that is allowing his class to experience so much. Including the Boston museum where they just took a very educational and exciting field trip.

E6 Super Stars is a classroom in New Zealand that is full of 5 year olds. All the kids look like they enjoy their class and have tons of fun. Recently, the kids had an activity to grow lima beans and make a drawing out of it. This project allowed the kids to watch their plants grow and show their creativity on paper. Their drawings show the vision of what the kids see of their creations.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog Post #5

Mr McLeod is an education leadership professor at the University of Kentucky. He is a constant blogger about technology and hopefully will expand the outlook about it to more schools. He used sarcasm and humor in his blog post, "Don't teach your kids this stuff, please?" He simply just stated that parents should keep kids from using computers but in the end he was sarcastic about the whole thing. I left a brief comment and said, Technology is spreading rapidly throughout the world especially through kids and the adults need to make sure we aren't getting left behind.

Travis Allen seems like a genius at the age of seventeen. He argues that the new generation of learning needs to be through iSchool. Which is a revolutionary way of learning that will not only save the environment but also allow students to adapt to the new ways of the world. The iSchool is not only a great idea but will help American students become more informed with what is out there technologically.

Eric Whitacre's is a great conductor considering he put on a show of 185 people who preformed a wonderful song without being in the same room together. It is mind blowing how amazing technology is becoming. I never knew that it was even possible to sync that many people together to form a choir. All I can say is I am completely astonished.

Roberts sees the change of teaching into more technology in a positive way. He thinks that technology is engaging, which it is most definitely. Computers can be a great way for students to be involved in the classroom and learn things for themselves. Technology would be a useful tool in my classroom as an educator because I would allow my students to figure their assignments out for themselves. Also, I would try to have a video chat open outside of the classroom to help my students if they need it. There are so many aspects that can be used with technology and we need to open our eyes and overwhelm ourselves with the new ways of educating.

Reading Rockets is a great website that helps kids to read and comprehend better. It is very important that kids are able to read efficiently so they can succeed through the rest of their education. Reading Rockets has excellent concepts for everyone, not only just kids but the parents and teachers too. The website also has strategies, facts, and blogs that inform that allows the viewers to get a feel for it. I really enjoyed the videos and podcast portion of the website because it constantly updated with new, helpful material.

Project 9a Timetoast

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blog Post #4

As I read through Langwitches Class Blog, it opened my eyes to what elementary students are capable of learning. These kids are in first grade, they were becoming more outgoing and involved in the assignment, that they were critiquing their own work. Technology is allowing these young students to advance in many aspects of learning in the classroom.
In Joe Dale's The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom, he went over great alternatives in why it is important to use a podcast in your class. One of the main reasons a teacher should use a podcast would be to keep those sick students involved in the material that they may be missing. Students have found podcasting helpful to follow the material and allow them to be involved in a different learning strategy. Also, if a student forgot a term from a study guide that the teacher went over or lost their notes then they can just review the podcast. These few reasons are a great alternative for students and their should be less excuses used in why they don't know the material because it is accessible all the time.
Teacher helping a student make a podcast

Melinda Miller's page would not download so I continued down the list to Judy Scharf and her Podcast Collection. I found her page very useful to those who are not very familiar with podcast because it has steps to begin the process. Also, there was a youtube video that teachers you how to download Audacity in order to begin podcasting. So, if anyone else is just learning all this new information about podcasting I definitely recommend checking out Judy's page.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

C4T #1

Bill Ferriter, The Tempered Radical
I was assigned Bill Ferriter, who is a 6th grade language arts teacher in North Carolina. The article that I read was titled, “What if schools created a culture of do instead of a culture of know?” This was a great first article for me to read because it was right after Mr. Strange explained the whole burp back system that schools are using. In a quick summary the post had the main idea of “what if”. The school systems need to change, so students will no longer feel thrown into this world and they can be involved in a learning environment. It only takes a step and this post was a motivation to let those in the education system to take that step and change their classroom for the better.

I responded to Mr. Ferriter’s blog just letting him know that I experienced a burp back education and didn’t learn anything. I am finally realizing how important technology and didn’t ways of teacher are, so that the kids can be successful in life. This culture would be better off with the doing then simply stuffing material in students brain for them to know but not able to apply.

Mr. Ferriter is a constant blogger, his page is full of post that are useful and he too believes in changing the way the school systems work. He wants his students to succeed by applying things such as the post that I just commented on about 25 word short stories. Ferriter uses good methods to help his 6th graders be creative and actually use the assignment outside the classroom such as text messages. He understands how advanced the world is and how technology is becoming popular. He wants to make sure he is helping his students become prepared for the real world allowing them to learn skills they can use daily.

I was amazed on how a middle school student can write a story that only consists of 25 words. A story that can be read and comprehended is a very difficult challenge, which makes the students choose their words carefully. It is a great exercise that I would definitely consider in my classroom and I thanked Bill Ferriter for his great post and will continue to read his blogs.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Post #3

Technology in Special Education
Stephanie Tyler had a great idea to raise the awareness of technology to the special education department. Although the first video on the assignment wasn't that well organized it did allow the viewers, such as myself to actually get the feel for how their classrooms runs. I am considering special education because I have always had a heart for it, so this video made me realize how greatly needed technology is in the classroom. Special needs kids do require a lot of attention and there isn't always time for that one on one time that some desperately need. Which is why technology was truly a miracle for these students.
I will be honest I haven't had a whole lot of time to really investigate and do research on which type of technology would be needed for special needs students. Although it would be amazing to have a computer for each student or at least one for two maybe three kids. I would also consider making special lessons for these students to use on the computer, of course it would have to be altered constantly to the exact needs of the students. Special Education definitely needs to be payed some more attention to and included in the rise of technology in the classroom because if anything those students need it more.

Ipad's for Autism
Apple has become technologically advanced that it blows my mind. Apps for students to further there education while using the worlds latest invention of miniature on the go computers. Special needs students definitely all need to be given a free one if they can't afford it because its amazing how well they can function using them. As I browsed through a few of the applications for special needs students I would definitely chose to use a history and geography app that had a globe that you can touch and route along with searching for countries and even just basic things such as the states. I think it is important to be able to at least know North America and the 50 states because we are Americans and everyone should know where they live, including the special needs kids.

Gary Haye's Social Media Count
Wow, is all I could say after watching those numbers drastically change. Its amazing how technology is growing throughout the world. I clicked the one year tab and saw ginormous numbers that continue to exceed any of my thoughts or expectations. The number of new internet users in 60 seconds is about 1,500 people and then in one year that numbers increases to 318 million and counting. These numbers intimidate me as a student in this class and a future teacher because that means every day there are more and more people learning how to use computers. So, in my mind I need to step up my knowledge of technology so my students won't be teaching me. As for my professional career as a teacher I couldn't be more excited to see what new technological ways tthere will be to teach in your classroom that will allow the students to adore.

A Vision of Students Today
If I was a teacher that still used a chalkboard and only made my students memorize material for tests, so they could easily forget it, then I would be ashamed after watching that video. The video that the students at Kansas State University did a wonderful job getting the viewers attention very quickly. Also I think choosing to write there messages down was definitely a good idea considering readers tend to remember better after viewing the words and reading them for themselves, rather then someone speaking them to directly to you. The video made me have to pay close attention to each piece of paper, so I wouldn't miss anything.
In the eyes of an educator it is upsetting to see those students so distressed and unconnected in the classroom. Wasting time and money to not learn anything is so frustrating that it makes me as a future educator to make sure that is not how my classroom will operate. As a student who has experienced those types of situations inside a classroom I can relate to there frustration. Teachers who just force material and terms into your head that it goes through one ear and out the other the second it is spoken, is a disgrace to the education system. Our world is in the the 21st century and it is about time for the education system to advance with the world before it is to late. Being able to understand the disappoint that was all over those students faces in the video of there lack of learning but yet still paying for an education bothers me to the core. This sort of thing happens every day in the classrooms and it needs to change and I hope it starts soon.

Ipad vs Ebook, Technology Fighting to Strive

Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Post #2

Did you Know? 3.0 A John Strange 2012 Version
It amazes me how little I had any idea that elementary students were becoming more and more technologically taught. It is definitely useful to them and is a necessity in today’s world. It is ridiculous that there are that many statistics able to be made. Also it went to show that Americans need to step it up if we don’t want to be controlled by the Asians, who are clearly way ahead of our learning skills.
Children as young as eight have there own ipad, cellphone, DS gamers, digital cameras and all different types of technology and they haven’t even reached an age of double digits. My cousins who are under the age of ten own many of these things and understand how to use them for the most part. Kids these days don’t even know what a disposable camera is and wonder why they instantly can’t see their picture. It’s amazing how much this world is changing and if I want to be an educator than I need to be educated better with technology in order to keep up with the process of the world.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
As I watched this short little story about Mr. Winkle waking up a hundred years later to find that the world has changed drastically he could hardly take it, but then he found a school and they are exactly the same even a hundred years later. Although this may be true it’s been difficult to change the way the world does things because not everyone likes change. All it takes is a voice to stand up and begin to change the way school systems work and I think that’s what the video was trying to get across. since the world is developing more and more technology everyday then why aren’t we teaching more and more of it in our schools?

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson uses his humor to get the audience’s attention which allowed me to actually want to hear what he had to say; other than the fact that I have to write a paragraph about it. Picasso says, “All children are born artist” and then Sir Ken stated that children are educated out of being artist. I agree with Ken on how our schools are only teaching one side of the brain. Children need to be educated in ways were they can express their imaginations. It just occurred to me that the statement is indeed true and the world today has pushed the idea of creativity and imagination out of the education system. Sir Ken’s title of the video was “Schools Kill Creativity” and those words didn’t come alive until after he mentioned it and I read the title once more.
Also he told a story about Gillian Lynne who discovered herself as a dancer but might have been diagnosed with a mental disorder because she couldn’t sit still and learn. Although this could be the case for many children it is hard to actually see if these children have a disorder or if they are simply misbehaving because they don’t want to do the work. I am not a doctor or a teacher yet so I haven’t worked with children enough to know or see the difference. If this is the case and children are being deprived of their natural abilities because the school systems are forcing them to learn in a classroom then there is definitely something wrong with our school systems and I am curious to learn how to help these students succeed without medication.

A Vision for the 21st Century Learning
Although this video was very short it got a point across and grabbed your attention. I enjoyed the slideshow of pictures because it really made me interested and explained exactly what was being said. This video was trying to convince the new generation that video games are the new teaching method. It convinced me for sure because thinking back as a student I never really was good at learning from lectures and studying facts. I am a hand on person who needs to either see what I am learning or know how to apply it in order for it to stay in my brain. Once I have learned how to do something once then I won’t forget how to do it again.
I think a video game might be able to teach these children something better than a book can because that is what excites children these days. Even though it’s not important to only teach the way the students want but it is important to teach successfully in any way that they can learn. As I continue to observe young children I have noticed that each one has some kind of electronic device. It amazes me how children under the age of eight know how to use a computer and I didn’t learn until almost high school. Technology is the new generation of learning and if a video game can help these children learn then our schools need to consider adding that into the curriculum.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students’ Digital Smarts
“Learning how to learn” was a statement Vicki Davis uses to teach her students a way to learn. These words are simple but yet efficient. She has found many ways to allow her students to be involved and learn how to figure things out for themselves and actually enjoy it and that is successful teaching. There needs to be more teachers like Vicki Davis that allow their students to independently learn and use technology in order to do so. This video also opened my eyes to how far behind I am in learning how to use technology.
It is definitely important to be familiar in all the different Microsoft systems. Another method of Vicki Davis’s teaching method was that how she allowed them to teach each other. It is one thing to learn how to do it and then turn around and be able to explain how you did it to other people. High school students are probably more informed about technology than me, which scares me because I am already behind the new generation of information. Cell phones and internet are the constantly improving and always in use by millions in our world today, including children under the age of fifteen. Vicki Davis has the right mind in teaching her students who will most likely be better prepared if they leave the small rural area of Georgia.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Blog Post #1

About Me
My name is Caitlyn Latini, I grew up in Coconut Creek, Florida which is in between Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton, so basically south eastern Florida. I moved to Southern Utah for two years after I graduated high school and did two years of college which is when I figured out that I want to be an elementary teacher for the rest of my life. My parents got a divorce when I was 15 and shortly after that my dad moved away and continues to relocate often which only allows me to see him two or three times a year. My dad and I are very similar and get along. I love to play golf with him and lay around watching sports eating chips and peanut m&m’s with him. I have two sisters, an older and younger. My older sister just got married last year and lives in South Carolina. My younger sister just had a baby girl and lives in Mobile. Now that my sisters and I are a little older and wiser we get along pretty well and have become best friends.
I moved to Mobile Alabama to be near my niece and help out in whichever way I can. I have a kind and caring heart which allows me to help others, especially my family. I have always imagined myself as a 2nd grade teacher and so that is why I chose education. Also I love the beach and anything that you can enjoy in the sand or in the water. I am very athletic and enjoy all sports, my favorite is definitely volleyball. I also have found a new passion of baking and decorating cakes. I recently started serving at Chili’s restaurant to help support my addiction of cake decorating which can get expensive if you want to own all the fancy tools. My mother is the most important person in my life she has sacrificed so much for me. I owe her everything for raising me and teaching me how to be strong and independent.

Dr.Pausch Time Management
Dr. Pausch has many great points about time management and setting goals. I am currently enrolled in a health and fitness where we just discussed a few similar suggestions on how to accurately set yourself up to succeed. Setting goals are the first step into making your life better but don’t set yourself up to fail by setting ridiculous goals and not be able to manage those goals. Make a schedule that is realistic to accomplish your priorities and goals. Manage your time in a way that will fit your schedule, after writing down a list then start with the big things first.