Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Final C4K for April

Week 1
Pamela is a 7th grader living on Vancouver Island, who just started blogging and is really excited about the challenges. Her last post was on March 13th and it was about creating an avatar that represents yourself. Her avatar was athletic but artistic. She had purple hair because Pamela looked up which colors represent your mood. She did a post about the colors of life and figured out that purple describes confident and relaxed, which are two good qualities to have. I encouraged Pamela to continue to keep up with the blogging challenges because there is a lot to keep learning.

Week 2
A yield sign with the word hell. Are we supposed to find humor in that? I'm not sure I understand so I commented on 18scha blog post about my feeling towards the sign. I don't feel as if our world is in hell which might be why it could be humorous. We as a nation are going through some difficult times with the economy. I do think the people who are making these decisions and causing us to fall should be going through hell. But I'm not into politics and can't possibly understand why our government is spending money we don't have. Why do we have to suffer? Or are we truly suffering or just struggling and being selfish with worldly possessions.

Week 3
This week I posted another comment on 18scha's blog page from the previous week. He is very smart and wrote a great piece about nuclear reactions vs. nuclear weapons. I thought the post was very informational with great points and descriptions. I am not very big on science so it was great to learn something new. I thought all nuclear items were hazardous but he mentioned in his blog that only if it isn't contained properly then it can be dangerous. There were many great facts and an example of a nuclear reaction that occurred in Fukushima Daiichi. I encouraged him to continue writing because his post was educational and I enjoyed reading it.

Week 4
Shaine from Ms. Cassidy's class in Canada wrote about his trip to the Art Museum. He seemed as if he had a great time. Also, they got to make tipis. His post was very hard to read because his words weren't exactly spelled correctly. It would be very helpful if Ms. Cassidy could write on the side his interpretation, so his readers can understand a little better.

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