Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A

Question one states, Do schools in the United States systematically destroy the development of curiosity and/or creativity in students? I think in some ways we are systematically destroying the development of creativity. A couple ways creativity is being destroyed is with uniforms. Uniforms don't allow kids that actually dress themselves show there styles and uniqueness of their minds. Also, I think rules and regulations squander the idea's of children. If we gave our students broader assignments to really explore their thoughts they can be more creative.

The second question then goes to say, Can a curriculum be developed that increases the curiosity of students? If so, what would be the key components of such a curriculum? The key component would be student input, so the curriculum could be a student made lesson that allows them to be curious in what they can make of it.

Question three says, Can a curriculum be developed that increases the creativity of students? If so, what would be the key components of such a curriculum? This question was a little tougher because it can go either way. Creativity can not be taught. Creativity is something that is already developed in a child but a curriculum can be taught to stimulate a creative side but it isn't something that can be forced.

Number four says, Can a teacher's actions increase the curiosity of students? If so, what would be those actions? This is another tough question because you can't make your students be curious but a teacher may be able to stimulate curiosity in their students by giving them questions to think on their own that aren't necessarily a right or wrong answer. Question five is the same question but it asks about the increase of creativity caused by a teacher. I think this could definitely be the case in a few situations by decorating your room. Posters and maybe a wall that the kids created or even decorating their desks can stimulate them to be creative in their own ways.

Question six goes on to ask, What would help you become more creative? I have always tried to be creative but their can be different types of creative. The internet or other people just talking helps me come up with idea's and I try to run with them and make up my own ways, which seems like I am being creative. Also, What role would teachers and/or schools have in that process? Teacher can give their students projects or assignments that force their students to become a little creative. I think group activities can allow your students to become creative by putting everyone's thoughts into one assignment.

The last question then states the same thing but about being curious. I am always curious when it comes to what type of things are out there and what I could be missing out on. Schools can make assignments more interesting by including maybe a video game or a website. It doesn't even have to be about technology but something that kids use on a day to day bases but make it an educational assignment that they can learn from but also enjoy. Students are always curious to see how they can use the computer or take a video game to the next level, so even creating a website is allowing your student to be curious and creative.

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