Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13

One might think going one whole day, 24 hours, without technology or anything electronic would be an easy task. Once you are actually faced with the challenge one should really reconsider what they about to encounter. Television is an easy device to avoid because people are often not home or can sit in a different room or have their family hide the remote. Computers are probably the hardest device to stay away from. One might think your cell phone would be number one, which technically it could considering you can use the internet on your phone. Cell phones are convenient in every way possible. They are on the go, so people can call you, well most of all text you because why use your mouth when you have your fingers. Unlimited text is the majority of peoples cell phone plans because it has become easier then actually having a conversation on the phone. Texts are the best invention made for cell phones, well right along with wireless internet access.

The lesson to be learned from this exercise was quite hard to find. I think that the main thing that comes to my mind is that it is close to impossible to not use any electronics or communications device in a 24 hour period. Maybe if I was stranded for a whole day on a remote island it would be an easy task. I am sorry to say that I have failed this assignment by not being able to go without technology. The main reason is because I am a college student taking two online classes that are high demand for always doing something that involves a computer. It is impossible for me to not check my email in one whole day.
This assignment was not only challenging but fun to experience and educational in a small way. Today's generations would probably "die" if you told them to go a day without their cell phone or the computer. They will then probably through themselves in front of the television to entertain them. I think it would be close to impossible for kids today to accomplish this task simply because they are all surrounded by technology every where they go. I would like to challenge my students to attempt the assignment because it can teach everyone a different lesson.

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