Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project #13 Collaboration Report

My group found out the hard way that collaborating through technology is not as easy it it may seem. I began emailing my group to organize a time for everyone to meet but some did not respond within a decent amount of time, so I then began texting everyone. As a group we decided to try Google hangout to video chat with each other. I have never used Google for anything other than emails so this was new for me, as with two others in my group. It was confusing at the beginning but a group member finally brought it to our attention that one person can talk at a time and whoever is speaking their screen will become the main big one. I enjoyed learning how to use something other than Skype and it was a good overall experience. I wish our group would have used a Google doc to collaborate because I was interested in seeing if it would work better than video chats.
Technology is an amazing tool to get connected with others but I wish i had an easier experience so I would be enthusiastic about trying it again. As time goes by and I learn more I will definitely try different methods and hopefully be successful with collaborating through technology. EDM310 has taught me that technology is not going anywhere so I might as well get hooked now and continue to learn.

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