Tuesday, April 24, 2012

C4T #4

Mr. Spencer had a blog post of a picture that was Papermate versus Ticonderoga. I wasn't sure what the message was trying to say. I know that Ticonderoga pencils are more expensive but their quality is excellent. Papermate on the other hand is a more reasonable choice with the price but its quality drops with the price but can still be cheaper. Adventures in Pencil Integration is the page of this picture and if all the other post I read about pencils have a metaphor about technology, then the picture might also change your mind. I am a little convinced the picture is referring to personal computers versus Macintosh. A PC has a reasonable price and the quality is a result of what you paid for. While the prices of Macs are relatively higher, they offer more and last longer. Check out the picture here and feel free to share your opinion with me because I would love to know what you think of it.

Adventures in Pencil Integration is truly an adventure. I have been following Mr. Spencer's posts for quite some time now and I'm continuing to find humor in many of his stories. This week I got to go back and read a post from a lecture he got from his supervisor. The post is titled, Why were your kids playing games?, which basically was a post of exactly what happened in his meeting with his supervisor. John Spencer is a teacher that believes in involving his students in assignments to help them learn.
John's supervisor only feels as if the teacher needs to lecture their students and only force material into their heads so they can get good test scores. John Spencer is a good educator and I plan to follow in his methods of teaching, I just hope my supervisor can understand and support me.

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